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An alternative to traditional PR agencies.

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Helping clients achieve a wide range of goals whether related to raising funds, advancing a cause or promoting a product, service or event.

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Eventurously is a premier event planning company catered to the event and marketing needs of startups in NYC. Our services include all pre-event logistics (building a budget, conducting research, designing event, facilitating invites, etc.) and on-site management during your event.

We have planned parties for companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Urban Compass and Google Cloud Platform.





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Client News

  • 18 Apr

    The Wall Street Journal

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    Spring cleaning for personal finance. Click here to access the article. #clientmakingnews p2p lending

  • 15 Apr


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    Contributed article we secured in @venturebeat. Click here to access the article.


  • 07 Jan

    PR industry reacts to social media hype

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    Agencies and the brands they represent are going social media crazy. Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn each present a whole new source of income for PR...

  • 07 Jan

    9 to 5 is no way to make a living

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    As companies grow more nimble by embracing digital technology, the PR business needs to adapt to the rapidly changing times. How we structure our operations and service our accounts...

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